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THE CARRENTE We are a car rental. We have a variety of customer service, whether it is a small car Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Honda City and mid-size car. Toyota Altis. Toyota Avanza Including car SUV Toyota Ford tuner so that customers will experience the great service, friendly, affordable, saving time in the process of booking a car and still have a way to be. Contact a variety of routes


Owners advisers selling car brand in the famous red logo. I have friends and acquaintances customers more fairly. From time to visit friends in Bangkok, Chiang Mai provides us with enough frequent holidays, it does not match. I take your own car Friends began to feel I was told to do it right car. It starts from a small spot Friends of Friends of Friends Boss, friends, relatives, friends for almost 6 years, customers have started to come in The Carrent today.

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